Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my home owners dues?

Payment for Grand Fairfield Sub-associations: 

Homeowners who paid the roof assessment in full only pay the quarterly assessment of $586.00

To: Grand Fairfield HOA

c/o Residential Management Concepts Inc, 

20540 Country Club Blvd, Suite 101 

Boca Raton FL 33434 

Payment for Fairfield Master in the amount of $160.00/Monthly:

To: Fairfield at Boca HOA, 

C/O Residential Management Concepts Inc

20540 Country Club Blvd, Suite 101 

Boca Raton FL 33434 

Or drop payments off at our onsite office in the mail slot at the front door. 

Who is the insurance company for Grand Fairfield?

USI Insurance Services - Peggy Duarte 1.888.746.7693

For  of proof of insurance / certificate of insurance, please email your request to 

Where do I get the forms I need for a sale or rental?

On the master association's website, under Realtor Information.

How do I call in my guest? 

Call (561) 392-0334. Other directions can be found on the Fairfield Master page.

Where do I get paint that matches the color of my house?

The paint manufacturer is UCI Paints and the phone number is 1-800-273-1683.

The onsite office also provides paint for small fixer uppers. Inform the office in advance, and bring a container to the onsite office during hours of operation. The paint will be delivered to you within 24 -48 hours. 

Does Grand Fairfield pressure clean my driveway and side walk or paint my home?

Pressure cleaning of the driveway and side walk are done once per year and the exterior of the homes are painted every five years

 Who do I call if I have garbage that the normal garbage collectors will not take or have an issue with pick-up?

Pleas call Waste Management at (561) 547-4000. 

  • The cost should be $70 for the first two tons and $11 for each additional ton.

Are their restrictions on vendors working in the community?Vendors are permitted to work in Fairfield Monday - Friday: 7am- 7pm Saturdays: 8am - 7pm 

  • Vendors will NOT be permitted access to work in the community on Sundays. 
  • Vendors will NOT be permitted access to work in the community during all holidays listed under the "Calendar" tab on the Fairfield Master Page. 

Can I park on the street in front of my home? 

Grand Fairfield is the ONLY subdivision that allows parking on the streets during board approved hours. Please refer to the Grand Fairfield website for more information. 


Are residents allowed pets?

Owners can have one pet less than 50 pounds, renters cannot have pets.

Is night swimming permitted at either pools located at Fairfield at Boca?

No, night swimming is NOT permitted at either pools onsite.

Can the Association consider opening either of the pools for night swimming?Unfortunately we are not permitted to open either pools for night swimming. Please be advised this is not Fairfield’s rule but the State of Florida. The information can be found on the Florida website. Chapter 64E-9 Public Pools and Bathing Places. Under section 64E-9.008 (7) it states: Night swimming – Pools shall not be open for swimming at night unless lighting is provided as approved by the jurisdictional building department. Pools authorized for night swimming shall be noted on the operating permit issued by the department. Night swimming shall be considered one half hour before sunset to one half hour after sunrise.

Can the Association consider adding the appropriate lighting, making night swimming available? 

Unfortunately this is NOT an option at this time for the following reasons: 24 hour access would be unfair to those living close by, the lights alone would not only be up to thousands of dollars, but would also be too much of a disturbance to those who who windows face the pool,  there is no rover & the noise alone would keep the neighbors up all night, lastly the permit from the city alone would cost up to thousands of dollars, along with the insurance coverage. For these reasons the Association has decided NOT to get lighting around the pool.